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Acknowledge the life cycle events of your friends and family, while performing the mitzvah of tzeduka. To make a contribution to one of the funds below, send your check payable to the fund to Temple Emeth, or contact the office at 201-833-1322, or click here to pay by credit card.

Contributory Funds
Contributions are deposited in the Temple Emeth Fund account and drawn for use by the designated committee.

  • Abe Golomb Religious School Scholarship Fund
  • Adult Education Fund
  • Beautification Fund
  • Cantor's Discretionary Fund
  • Children’s Worship Fund
  • College Kids Fund
  • Emeth Teen Community Fund
  • Environment Fund
  • Ilana Hed Religious School Fund
  • Janice Preschel Social Action Committee Fund
  • Joshua Trachtenberg Memorial Lecture Fund
  • Library Fund
  • Margery Rothschild Memorial Israel Fund
  • Museum Fund
  • Music Fund
  • Paul S. Lazar Caring Community Fund
  • Prayerbook Fund
  • Rabbi Louis J. Sigel Scholarship-in-Residence Fund
  • Rabbi's Discretionary Fund
  • Ritual Fund
  • Roof Repair Donations
  • Straussman Memorial Youth Award Fund
  • Streaming Fund
  • Temple Emeth Fund
  • Torah Repair Fund
  • Viewpoints Fund
  • Yahrzeit Donation
  • Youth Committee Program Fund

Endowed Funds
Contributions are added to the principal held by the Temple Emeth Endowment Foundation with fund income distributed yearly.

  • Dru and Ted Greenwood Youth Awards Fund
  • Grunstein-Liberman Endowed Fund
  • Honigberg/Howard Religious School Scholarship Fund
  • Adult Kallah Scholarship Fund
  • Lazar Educational Enrichment Fund
  • Paul S. Lazar Caring Community Endowed Fund
  • Alfred and Helen Levin Youth Award Fund
  • Rabbi Louis J. Sigel Endowment Fund
  • Ned and Doris Siner Music Fund
  • Temple Emeth Endowment Fund

Other Funds
Contributions are used at the discretion of the recipient.

  • Cantor’s Discretionary Fund
  • Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund
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